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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

A clean and tidy office provides the best environment to get the best out of your team

We understand that every office and business in Sydney is different and may have different cleaning needs . We can tailor our office cleaning services to reflect your needs. Our company has been helping keep Sydney offices clean for over 10 years and we never contract your work out.

Cleans monitor. Group of workers clean modern office together at daytime
Stylized clean marble office working desk with smart phone, laptop
What You Can Expect From Our Office Cleaning Service
  • Clean all your light switches and other panels
  • Wipe clean all kitchen cupboards, bench, polish sink, and clean outside of the fridge
  • Clean the microwave inside and out
  • Clean the microwave inside and outDust wipe all horizontal ledges window sills
  •  Wipe all phones, monitors, handsets, keyboards when needed
  •  Clean all desks and behind monitors
  •  Empty rubbish and recycling bins
  •  Pull out desk draws, dust and Vacuum as needed
  •  Spot Cleaning of glass for fingerprints
  •  Clean chairs
  •  Mop Floors
  •  Sweep outside if applicable
  •  Spot clean doors and walls as needed
  •  Clean and Sanitise toilets
  • Vacuum all floors
Types Of Offices We Clean

We clean across Sydney from multi storey high rise offices, smaller strata offices, and offices located in industrial complexes. We are familiar with every manner of office and how to clean it best.

We would normally suggest that your office or business is cleaned at least once per week. We provide professional cleaners who are very diligent and go the extra mile

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