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Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning


While its possible to try and do this heavy cleaning yourself, the better choice is to outsource this difficult task to an expert cleaning firm. Only expert restoration cleaners know how to deal with all the challenges that this specialised cleaning requires.

Our post-renovation cleaning service is a specialised cleaning program for newly built apartments, houses, residential and commercial properties. It is the only solution to really get to the bottom of the mess left by tradespeople, and to eradicate all traces of dirt and dust after a partial or major renovation

MSR Care Services has completed many builders’ cleans in all inner city suburbs and surroundings, and is often called upon by quality builders to help high end new properties to be ready for owners.

3d rendering scandinavian vintage modern kitchen with dining area
Woman's hand cleaning bathroom mirror
3d rendering white loft and clean kitchen and dining room
When you book with us, we’ll take care of:
  • Kitchen: outside and inside cupboards, benchtops, inside & behind drawers and cabinets, outside and behind the fridge, inside the dishwasher, under the sink, inside & outside the oven and microwave
  • Floors: Sweeping and vacuuming all floors several times, then mopping them with the right green cleaning products according to their nature (tiles or wood) until they are dust free
  • Skirts: all over the property bottom and top of the walls.
  • Doors: doors, door handles, and door frames
  • Walls: spot cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Window: inside and outside (where reachable), windows frames, rails and sills.
  • Fixture: remove all dust, paint, and plaster from all sockets, light switches, air-con, and lights.
  • Bathrooms: wipe all the walls, tiles, mirrors, dust everywhere, clean inside cupboards, behind & under washing machine and remove paint drops from the floors and walls.
  • Carpet and upholstery: Steam clean carpets, rugs and upholstery and dust all the furniture and the cupboard inside carpet
  • Rooms: dusting and wiping all the wardrobes and the mirrors from both sides and the door rails. Vacuuming the cupboard inside carpet
  • Living room: spot clean walls and ceilings, windows sills, windows in and out, wipe curtains and blinds.

Post-renovation cleaning is a big and demanding job. It requires a lot of knowledge, patience, time and elbow grease. Not handling these cleaning requirements properly can cause the property owner damage, loss of money and time.

Note – If you’ve done only a small renovation, then most of these tasks won’t be necessary. Or if they are necessary, much less effort will be required.

Call our cleaning manager now for a free quote. Let us do the hard work for you and deliver you a sparkling clean home.

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